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Northpointe SS3 Trip - August 2015

September 18, 2015

Three amazing members of the Northpointe team came to Vietnam in August to set up a curriculum for the Rainbow Kindergarten at the SS3 orphanage. The team was so happy to help Hue, the Kindergarten teacher, and the kids get ready for a new school year.

Compared to the last year (which was the kid’s first experience with any type of structured school program) they were very excited about school and couldn’t wait to start! The children have not only been integrated into more of a “typical” (children living in a home with their family) setting and routine but have also enjoyed going outside of the center for field trips. They have had a lot of fun seeing and discovering new things and will continue to do so this new school year.

On this trip, the team also had a wonderful day with the Rainbow kids at Ban Mai School (private school system) in Hanoi. Initially the kids stayed close together, and then they quickly got on well with their new friends and enjoyed the morning activities. They learned how to make handmade toys, play outdoor activities, and had snacks…just like they were one of the Ban Mai school students.

 Hoang Anh enjoyed outdoor activities

The slogan of Rainbow Kindergarten is so true: “Every child has the right to learn”. The kids are so different now! Watching them play at Ban Mai School makes you smile and fills your heart. No more shyness, no more crying, no more fear…they have become beautiful butterflies after a long time in their cocoon. All the days watching from the windows and all the years being on the outside looking in are forever behind them. They now see the light…the light of love and hope!

Thank you Northpointe volunteers for your love and support. You have been part of something that will have a lifelong impact on the children in this program!






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